The Corporate Rack
The Corporate Rack
The Corporate Rack
The Corporate Rack
The Corporate Rack
The Corporate Rack
The Corporate Rack

The Corporate Rack

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All accessories (James Hook, MagPins, Band Pegs, Safety Arms) sold optionally. Please visit our accessories catalog to fully outfit your rack!

Made in Canada.

The Corporate Standard

The Corporate is the centerpiece of your home gym or training facility. It's local design and manufacturing yields the highest attention to detail and unmatched style. It's presence sets the tone for each and every training session and commands excellence. We've exploited the industry standard features to bring you a rack that's just as robust as it is debonair. As you've come to expect from Oak Club, it's nothing short of high grade.


Taking a fresh approach and getting some extra branding in at the same time.

Letters > Numbers.


This rack is a structure, so we only use grade A325 raw black structural grade bolts.


Its robust. Its Canadian Made. Its Oak Club. Just sayin.

1/8" tube > 11ga tube

3/8" end plates > 1/4" end plates

corporate rack



Construction - 3"x3" tube, 1/8" thick wall, structural grade
Hardware - 1" A325 bolts, raw Black finish, Cream accent washers
Holes - 1" holes, 2" hole spacing, 4 way hole design, OAK CLUB hole marked posts
Finish - Gloss Clear, Sandtex Black, Cream
Height - 90-1/4"
Width - 43" inside, 49" outside
Depth - 43" or 30" inside, 49" or 36" outside
Included - 1 - straight pull-up bar, 4 - steel anchorage feet
Origin - Made in Canada