MagPin 3 - 100 BLK
MagPin 3 - 100 BLK

MagPin 3 - 100 BLK

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Welcome to version 3 of the original MagPin! Aluminum head construction, stainless steel pin shaft & fully concealed power; it's the most advanced MagPin yet. 

We love 'em, and you will too! Used throughout the gym to attach various accessories to racks and squats stands. What we don't love; hairpin clips, detent balls, and pin handles that look like they're from a tractor supply store. 

MagPin's provide 4-1/2" of useable shaft length for engagement. 

Sold in pairs. Assembled in Canada.

*To be used by experienced lifters only. Ensure proper installation prior to each lift and always use a failsafe method of attachment securement. Always use the appropriate shaft size in your rack holes.*