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Sold in pairs. MagPin sold separately. 

more than a safety arm

Our Alpha arms are manufactured from 3/16" and 1/4" welded steel. The unique low profile double sided design provides a wider range of installed positions while the 3/8" UHMW on both sides provides protection to your barbell from an impact at almost any direction. Let's be honest, it wouldn't be an Oak Club product without incorporating some of our signature premium style. Alpha displays the next step in premium design by building on design ques and branding already established by our Associate product line. Laser cut branding featuring Oak Club inlays make these arms as eye catching as they are functional. Finished with stainless steel MagPin's, they're on another level.




Construction - 1/4" and 3/16" welded steel construction
Hardware - 5/16" flat head cap screw
Landing Zone - 27" of catching depth
Barbell Protection - 2 sheets of 3/8" UHMW Repro
Rack Protection - 1/4" UHMW Repro
Compatibility - 3" x 3" rack posts with 1" hardware, 2" rack hole spacing
Size - 31" x 7" x 4" - 21lbs each.

Sold in Pairs - Made in Canada

*Oak Club Mfg recommends Alpha only be used when two pins are securely installed in each arm. Be sure to check that pins are properly and fully seated before each lift.

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