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Sold in pairs. MagPin's sold separately. 

Versatility in a J-Cup

Who expected that? 

Our James Hook's are manufactured from 3/8" and 1/4" welded steel. The unique shape and size of the 1" UHMW backboard provides more flexibility when re-racking your barbell, as well as offers guidance during balance challenging lifts such as barbell calf raises, or acts as a barrier between you and the barbell during pull lifts such as barbell shrugs. The back and clasp is lined with 1/4" UHMW, providing the ultimate protection to your rack posts. All UHMW is secured using only flush mount hex hardware.  Choose to include a set of size matched stainless steel securing pins (MagPins) which utilize magnetic energy to hold securely in place while still allowing easy removal when desired. 



Construction - 1/4" and 3/8" welded steel construction
Hardware - 1" stainless steel welded pins, 5/16" flat head cap screws
Core - 1" UHMW Repro
Protection - 1/4" UHMW Repro
Compatibility - 3" x 3" rack posts with 1" hardware and 2" hole spacing 
Size - 18" x 6" x 3" - 16lbs each.

Sold in Pairs - Made in Canada

"Oak Club James Hook J-Cup Review: Best Sandwich J-Cup We've Tested."

- Coop @ GarageGymReviews.com